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Get the Winning Habit!

When it comes to habit-forming behaviors, what better habit to develop than winning? Whether it’s a game of checkers, a state championship, or getting accepted to your favorite college, winning means achieving one goal’s and dreams. How does one get into the winning habit? One way might be to get into designing, building and racing CO2 dragsters.

Pitsco’s 30+ year support of the Technology Student Association’s national conference – where we help facilitate the CO2 racing events – has exposed us many habitual winners. For student competitors, there’s something about the process of taking a design to reality, competing, learning, applying energy and passion to a project that develops winning character.

Two recent examples are Hayden Kennelly and Nathan Miller – the winners of the middle and high school dragster events at the 2013 TSA conference: -- Home Home | Shop Online | Request a Catalog | Privacy | Contact Us  
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