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Nashville Stars

Nashville Stars

Tennessee’s slogan “America at its best” was exemplified when the state hosted the 2012 Technology Student Association National Conference in June. Middle and High school students from all over the country congregated in Nashville to represent their home states, cities, and schools in various competitions. The Dragster Design and Transportation Modeling events were no exception – America's best and brightest were present and primed for some spirited competition.

Check it out:

  • Photo Gallery: Middle and High School Dragster Design Finalists
  • Photo Gallery: Transportation Modeling Finalists
  • Middle school dragster champ said “You have to try and try…” Full story
  • Garrett Windschitl (High school dragster champ) is particular about wheels. Read more
  • Transportation Modeling is not your everyday dragster event. Full story -- Home Home | Shop Online | Request a Catalog | Privacy | Contact Us  
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