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Wind Tunnels for Analyzing CO2 Dragsters

“Most people learn by seeing it and doing it rather than reading about it. I think that’s the biggest driver here – you’re trying to get them engaged in an earlier age.”

– Lyle Roggow, dragster event organizer, Duncan, OK

Taking The Drag Out Of Dragsters

Race car engineers spend millions of hours studying how a body can efficiently move through the fluid we know as air. Your students can experience the same exciting process. Analyzing dragsters in a wind tunnel throughout the construction process will provide amazing insights on body shaping, wheel selection, and more.

Seeing Is Learning

Do those fat rear wheels slow your dragster? Put it in the FLO wind tunnel and find out. Turbulence-generating body features become obvious in this fog-visualization tunnel.

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Get The Foggiest Notion

Upgrade a variable-speed wind tunnel to visualization technology with the Fog Maestro.

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Measuring Drag

Drag is the force that resists the motion of an object through a fluid. The Scout Wind Tunnel provides quick, easy drag measurements for dragsters.

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Wind Tunnel Versatility

Of course you want to test dragsters in wind tunnels, but what if your wind tunnel could also test wings, rockets, and geometric shapes?

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When you are testing several different airfoils in the FLO Visualization Tunnel, having extra servo mounts makes the job a lot easier!


Improve your CO2 dragster program with the Scout 2.0, designed to measure frontal drag on CO2 dragsters. This new version of the wind tunnel has a modular motor controller for improved performance, a backlit LED display, USB port compatibility, and updated software for current operating systems. The Scout 2.0 also features the following:

  • Built-in instrumentation to produce accurate, repeatable frontal drag measurements
  • Variable speed from 0 to 40 mph
  • Compact size – just 49" long – that sets up anywhere
  • Ability to accommodate fog-injection systems
  • Scout software that depicts the measurements as colorful graphics that can be printed for analysis or saved and replayed
  • Metal and ABS plastic construction for durability in the classroom
  • Manometer for air speed measurements

Note: Additional shipping charges apply.


Fog machines are valuable flow-visualization tools, and this handheld version is the best we’ve created!

The FLO Fog Generator injects a fog stream into a wind tunnel to test the aerodynamics of objects such as drag racers. It is a cleanable unit that can be easily opened to wipe away residue – plus, it operates without generator tubes. Includes the fogger unit and one bottle of fog fluid.

Note: Fog fluid (42312) is only compatible with the FLO Fog Generator (42180).


Sometimes, aerodynamic concepts can be tricky to teach. The FLO Visualization Tunnel enables you to visually demonstrate aerodynamics with a compact desk-size wind tunnel perfect for classroom use!

Place an object in the wind tunnel and turn it on while directing fog through the tunnel. Watch as the airflow runs across the length of the object, providing a great visual learning experience. Use objects such as airfoils, geometric shapes, model airplanes, and more. A magnetic platform attached to an outside gear enables you to rotate the test objects while the wind tunnel is running. You can also change the wind speed of the tunnel to test different variables.


  • 1 control box
  • 1 fog generator
  • 6 magnetic base mounts
  • 3 1/8" dowel rods 18" long
  • 1 50 mL bottle of fog fluid
  • 2 oral syringes
  • 1 foam airfoil
  • 1 12 V power supply
  • 2 adapter cords
  • 1 smoke rake
  • 1 Safety Data Sheet
  • 1 user guide


A 50 ml bottle of fog fluid to be used with the FLO Fog Generator. Note: This fog fluid is compatible with only the FLO Fog Generator (42180).


When your Fog Maestro isn’t producing a good fog or when its trigger sticks, it is time to clean it. This kit includes the polishing pad and a bottle of denatured alcohol as well as an extra set of generator shims – switch out the dirty shims with clean ones and clean them when you have the time.


Thinning fog might be good for drivers, but it’s definitely not good when testing with wind tunnels! When your Fog Maestro needs a refill, this is the solution for the job.


Use this red Manometer Fluid with the manometers on the AirTech Scout Wind Tunnel and AirTech X-Stream Wind Tunnel.


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