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Fog Maestro
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Fog Maestro Vapor Generator

Introducing a visible vapor into a wind tunnel's airstream enables you to visibly demonstrate hard-to-grasp aerodynamics topics, making your wind tunnel much more useful.

Fog Maestro The Fog Maestro is a hand-held vapor generator that does just that produces a nontoxic, visible vapor for use in wind tunnels. The gray vapor looks like smoke, but it's not the product of combustion; rather it's the vapor produced by heating the special fog solution to just the right temperature.

The Fog Maesto can produce a concentrated vapor stream for focusing on a particular feature of your test object or, with the "rake" attachment, it can produce eight small streams that are great for testing a cross-section of an object.

Important: The Fog Maestro should only be used in wind tunnels with the capability of producing a low-speed airstream. The vapor will not be visible if the airstream is moving too fast.

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