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Top Fuel Dragster in the Classroom!

Are you interested in having your class talk directly to the men and women who build, design, and race an NHRA Top Fuel dragster?

Team Thunder and Pitsco, Inc., conduct a riveting journey into a world where schools and racing are connected by hands-on experience.

Dragster owner Sam Parton and his Team Thunder partner Jerry Porter are life-long teachers who have witnessed the need for students to relate knowledge gained in the classroom to real-life situations.


Team Thunderís race-ready, 30-foot, NHRA-style Top Fuel dragster comes to life for students via Web-based videoconferencing technology. Utilizing this state-of-the-art technology, students learn the principles of math, science, finance, and technology related to the world of drag racing.

Read about Team Thunder's first videoconference.

Motivation that Really Moves!

Team Thunder owns and operates an NHRA-style Top Fuel dragster that offers a unique focal point for middle school, high school, and vocational students to help motivate them in math, science, finance, and technology. Some of the many concepts covered are aerodynamics, laws of motion, pneumatics, computer applications, volumes, and ratios that are incorporated into instructional and motivational activities.

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