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What is CO2 Racing?
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What is C02 Racing?

It's often described as Pinewood Derby on steriods! Small wooden cars race in pairs down a special track except the track is level, cars are powered by escaping carbon dioxide (not gravity), and there's more speed!

A few more details:
  • Students convert a wedge-shaped piece of wood (about 12" in length) into a sleek racecar body using hand or power tools. Paint, wheels, and axles are added to make the cars roadworthy.

  • A pair of cars are placed on a 65-1/2' racetrack (track can be on the floor or a special elevated surface), and CO2 cartridges are inserted into holes in the rear of each car.

  • Cars are fitted to launching devices that puncture the cartridges to start the race.

  • The cars speed down the track and cross the finish line in slightly more than one second!

  • Race times are recorded to determine race pairings for a final round.
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