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AP (Air-Powered) Mini Dragster

A Pitsco Exclusive
Type: Multi-Student Project Packs, Project Kits Ages: 9+

This dragster kit launches with air power, and its laser-cut chassis parts provide a quick and easy build. Also includes a car body design sheet that students can color and cut out. Or students can design and draw their own car body and use it.

Requires the AP Dragster Launcher, an air pump, HD Bond II or similar white glue, glue stick, and scissors, sold separately.

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$164.95 (USD)
  • Design sheet
  • 30 sheets of laser-cut wooden parts
  • 120 axle bushings
  • 120 wheels
  • 60 Delrin axles
  • 30 launch tubes
  • 30 tube caps
  • 30 straws
  • 300 self-adhesive glue lines
  • 8 sandpaper sheets
  • Students Served: 30
  • Assembly Method: Gluing
  • Tools and Materials Required: AP Dragster Launcher, an air pump, white glue, glue stick, and scissors


  • Newton's laws
  • Friction
  • Pressurized systems
  • Testing
  • Data analysis
  • Measurements
  • Calculating speed 
  • Data collection

For a more in-depth look at how STEM can be found in air-powered dragsters, click here.

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