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Mini Foam Cutter

A Pitsco Exclusive
Type: Tools/Foam Shaping Ages: 9+

This small foam cutter is ideal for creating shapes. Simple to use and economical, the Aero Viz Foam Cutter’s hot cutting wire easily makes precise cuts in 1" polystyrene foam. Students can create any shape they can imagine for testing in wind tunnels or for other projects. Just 5.5" L x 5.5" W x 4.5" H, the foam cutter fits on student desks or other small work surfaces. Comes with 32-gauge Nichrome wire and four foam blocks. Requires a standard wall outlet for power. Replacement Nichrome wire sold separately.

  • Note: Only 32-gauge wire will work with the Pitsco Aero Viz Foam Cutter.

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