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Building CO2 Dragsters

Ready to Build?

EZ Build Dragsters

A good option for younger racers, EZ Build Dragsters require minimal tools.

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Precut Dragsters

Want to eliminate sawing and drilling? Precut Dragsters can be built with simple hand tools.

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Traditional Dragsters

Tried and true, our traditional dragster kits have been delivering hands-on STEM to students for years.

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Cutting and Shaping

Choose from a variety of wooden body blanks and an array of tools students need to shape them.

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Painting and Finishing

There's so much more to painting than just, well, painting. We have the tools and supplies for that flawless finish.

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Wheels, axles, bushings, screw eyes – these are just a few of the items students need to make their dragsters track-ready.

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Project Kits and Packs

Balsa or basswood? Dragster kits come in many varieties. Looking to economize? Grab a class pack.

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From hand tools to power tools, we've got everything students will need to transform the wedge-shaped block into an exquisite dragster.

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Ask any car builder, they'll tell you that wheels are important for both style and speed. Choose from 11 options.

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Axles and Hardware

Select axles for strength, durability, and low-friction properties. We have a large selection of axles, bushings, and related hardware.

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A unique reinterpretation of the CO2 dragster, these kits remove the need for power or cutting tools of any kind. Just assemble the dragsters from the laser-cut basswood parts and then glue, finish as desired, and launch!

EZ Build Dragsters are durable – they handle the same racing conditions as standard dragsters. And they provide a powerful activity for demonstrating force, motion, speed, friction, and acceleration.

EZ Build Dragsters launch on any standard CO2 race system with 4- or 8-gram cartridges and are available in four models – Zip, Zap, Zoom, and Zing – and a class pack that includes 32 complete kits.

Screwdriver and white glue required for assembly.

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From $10.75

The most affordable package we offer for starting a CO2 dragster activity, it features the EZ Build Dragster – ideal for schools that don’t have standard power or hand tools and everything you need to race!

Requires a screwdriver and white glue, sold separately.


An inexpensive way to introduce dragsters into your curriculum, this package offers enough materials to build 50 dragsters and the equipment to race them.

Requires a drill, coping saw, wood rasp or file, ruler, scissors, and finish, sold separately.


Prepare to race with the Land Speed Record Assault Vehicle (LSRAV)!

Kits and packs are available with or without the foam body blank and in balsa wood or basswood. Requires a drill, coping saw, wood file or rasp, ruler, scissors, finish, and race system, sold separately.

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From $7.05

Dragsters are an exciting method to teach the metric system and the design process. Students design and build a prototype and then produce an actual CO2-powered dragster and race it! An illustrated, self-directed student workbook holds the students’ attention as they learn step-by-step automotive-design processes.

Kits and packs are available in balsa wood or basswood and with or without the polystyrene blank. 

Requires a drill, coping saw, wood file or rasp, ruler, scissors, finish, and a race system, sold separately. Storage boxes are included in single kits but are sold separately for 50-packs.

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From $7.75

Metric drag racing is an excellent way to motivate students while they design, construct, and race their own CO2 dragsters. This Getting Started package includes everything you need to launch your students’ program: materials to build and finish 50 student dragsters, a launching system, instructions, and the Dr. Zoon Dragster DVD Series. Requires drill, coping saw, wood file or rasp, sold separately.


Design a shorter, lighter dragster with this kit instead of our regular Metric Dragster Kit. The only difference is that this basswood body blank is about 100 mm shorter than the one in the Metric Dragster Kit. Requires a drill, coping saw, wood rasp or file, ruler, finish, and a race system, sold separately.

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From $7.05

Prepackaged with enough kits for the entire classroom, this class pack brings the excitement of CO2 racing even where power tools are not available. Includes 32 complete Precut Dragster Kits – eight each of the four designs.