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Materials and Supplies in Cutting and Shaping

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Our standard balsa wood body blank is built for a lightweight car that will really zoom down the track! Predrilled hole for a CO2 cartridge is precisely drilled every time.

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The standard in basswood body blanks for the CO2 cars that Pitsco manufactures. Predrilled hole for a CO2 cartridge is precisely drilled every time. Choose basswood for a durable car.

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This is one big chunk of balsa! Pitsco’s Custom Cruiser Kit includes this block for students to transform into their very own design. This 3" x 3" x 12" balsa wood block is predrilled for the CO2 cartridge and provides plenty of material to make a truck, van, oldie, or other unique design for CO2 racing.


The official blank for creating F1 cars measures 223 mm x 65 mm x 50 mm and contains a predrilled hole for the CO2 cartridge. It is created with a new material that has a consistent weight and density, and it is more robust and durable than the previously used balsa wood blank.

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Power tool deficiency? Don’t worry about it! Now, even a CO2 dragster activity is possible without heavy-duty power tools. Pitsco does all the drilling and band saw work for you with the precut dragster blanks. Just use coping saws and sandpaper to fine-tune the basswood dragster’s shape, finish it as desired, and start the races.

Each basswood blank includes two car bodies rough cut to one of four shapes – the car bodies break apart easily. Predrilled axle and cartridge holes enable students to concentrate on adding fine details and reducing the weight to increase style and performance. Requires wheels, axles, bushings, finish, and a race system, sold separately.

Note: These axle holes are drilled to use the Ultimate Axle Bushings, sold separately.


The lightest, fastest bodies anywhere! If you want to build that ultralight screaming dragster machine, this is your blank.

The dragster blank is made from premium lightweight balsa wood. Each blank has a mass of 80 grams or less.


A rite of spring for more than 50 years, pine car races are cherished by Scouts and other organizations as a fun learning experience with gravity-powered vehicles. These body blanks provide the basis of the experience, but in a range of shapes to get things rolling. From sporty to powerful, there is a shape to please. All blanks have cut axle grooves and instructions.

Available as a blank or in kits (see below) that include wheels and axles.

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