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Cutting & Shaping CO2 Dragsters

“That's what happens to successful people – they fail, fail, but keep trying. Success means so much more when you try this hard.”

– Nathan Miller, Bradenton, FL

Students Agree: Tools Are Cool

More than ever, students need to take a break from digital devices and experience building a project with their hands. For many students, building and racing CO2 dragsters will be their first experience using tools and can awaken a powerful, lifelong desire to build and create.

Cutting Tools

Students just might enjoy making sawdust as much as making dragsters. We have the right power and hand tools to do the job.

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Sanding and Shaping Tools

Dragster builders will use this selection of tools to transform rough-hewn bodies into track-worthy works of art.

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Wooden Body Blanks

Pitsco blanks come with a predrilled cartridge hole. You can choose the material (balsa or basswood) and shape.

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Precut Dragster Blanks

A practical option for some classrooms where tools and time are limited, our precut blanks come with cartridge and axle holes predrilled.

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Excellent for cutting out dragsters! This 16", 120-volt scroll saw cuts through 2" thick wood with ease. Features a 1/6 hp motor, variable blade speed from 400 to 1,600 SPM, cast aluminum table with 45-degree tilt, 5" blade length, and a quick-release blade clamp. Plus, the integrated dust-removal system keeps the cutting area free of dust. Works with pinned or standard blades. Includes the scroll saw, flex light, air pump, dust port, foot lock clamp, onboard storage, five blades, and instructions.


Our standard balsa wood body blank is built for a lightweight car that will really zoom down the track! Predrilled hole for a CO2 cartridge is precisely drilled every time.

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The standard in basswood body blanks for the CO2 cars that Pitsco manufactures. Predrilled hole for a CO2 cartridge is precisely drilled every time. Choose basswood for a durable car.

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From $2.65

This sander does double duty in classrooms and technology labs. Featuring a 1" x 30" belt sander and 5" disk sander, this tool is ideal for grinding, deburring, sharpening, sanding, and buffing wood and metal.

Sander specifications:

  • Belt width:1"
  • Belt length: 30"
  • Disc diameter: 5"
  • Voltage: 120 V/1 pH/60 Hz
  • Belt speed: 3,340 ft/min
  • Disc speed: 3,450 rpm
  • Table length: 5"
  • Table width: 7.25"
  • Table tilt: 45 degrees
  • Dust collection outlet size: 1.5"
  • Motor: 1/3 hp


This is one big chunk of balsa! Pitsco’s Custom Cruiser Kit includes this block for students to transform into their very own design. This 3" x 3" x 12" balsa wood block is predrilled for the CO2 cartridge and provides plenty of material to make a truck, van, oldie, or other unique design for CO2 racing.


An equipment package for the Science of Speed: Design for Speed unit.


All the hand tools you need for the Science of Speed 2: Design for Speed STEM Unit are in this package! Students engage in competitive engineering in the Design for Speed STEM Unit with the goal of creating the fastest and most eye-pleasing wooden dragster – and tools are a must to complete the project. Though designed for use with this unit, this package is also a great buy for those who want a hand tool set to serve a class of 24 students.


Multiuse, single-speed, high-speed rotary tool for all your precision cutting, sanding, polishing, grinding, sharpening, and drilling needs! Includes mandrel, coarse 1/2" sanding drum, dressing stone, emery wheel, 120-grit sanding band, and aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding stones.


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