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Dr. Zoon knows all about dragsters, and so will your students after viewing this five-part comprehensive video in the Dr. Zoon dragster series. Videos are available individually or as a comprehensive video. All are closed-captioned and in DVD format.

Dr. Zoon Dragster Design Video (Part 1)
Students see cool cars – they may even draw cool cars all over their notebooks. But do they know how to turn a concept in their heads into a functioning dragster? They will after watching this program, which takes them from finding design inspiration to creating detailed 2-D sketches of their own CO2 cars.

Dr. Zoon Dragster Production: Hand Tools Video (Part 2)
Join Dr. Zoon as he demonstrates how to transfer a design to a CO2 dragster blank and then how to create the dragster using hand tools such as coping saws, wood rasps, planes, and hand drills. Hand tools are a less expensive – and safer – way to construct projects like dragsters, so let the good doctor show your students how to use them.

Dr. Zoon Dragster Production: Power Tools Video (Part 3)
Power tools are great and they save time, but they must be used with care. In this program, Dr. Zoon first shows students how to transfer their designs to dragster blanks. Then, he demonstrates how to use each tool – the drill press, scroll saw, belt sander, and rotary tool – to safely build a CO2 dragster.

Dr. Zoon Dragster Finishing Video (Part 4)
Let Dr. Zoon provide your class with the tips it needs to create smooth and shiny surfaces for CO2 dragsters. First, he demonstrates how to use hand brushes, acrylic paints, and clear acrylic to finish a dragster. Then, he shows students how to use spray paints instead. Whichever method they choose, students learn how to give dragsters a quality finish and a cool look!

Dr. Zoon Dragster Testing Video (Part 5)
In this program, Dr. Zoon shows how to get the best results out of a CO2 dragster. Roll-test ramps, wind tunnels, and test races – they each play a part in testing dragsters for the different things that affect their performance, including drag, rolling friction, alignment, and aerodynamics.

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Be the bearer of an exciting racing activity for your class – even if your school doesn’t have tools. This program shows you how simple it is to build a laser-cut EZ Build Dragster and how to race it like any typical CO2 dragster. Plus, learn about the seven-step design process, the function of CO2 cartridges, surface and fluid friction, and more.


Taking one of the four styles of precut dragsters and turning it into your own unique CO2 dragster proves an easier task with this program to keep you on track. This process is complemented by information about the design process, calculating average speed, the third law of motion, and other concepts.