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Painting & Finishing CO2 Dragsters

“I wanted to show that a girl with a pink car can beat the boys.”

– Kara Drechsler, Littleton, CO


This water-soluble, opaque acrylic paint brushes easily and covers rapidly. It cleans up easily with water but is permanent when dry. Its convenient thinning and fast-drying characteristics make it particularly desirable for wood, metal, paper, or canvas. Contains sixteen 2-ounce bottles. Colors: White, Light Pink, Bright Red, Orange, Bright Yellow, Dark Yellow, Mint Green, Grass Green, Ocean Breeze, Pale Blue, Turquoise, Bright Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey, and Black.


Durable, high-quality acrylic paint can be brushed or sprayed on dragster bodies or other nonporous surfaces.

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These decals will add unique flavor to scale models, metric dragsters, rockets, model airplanes, and more!

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This improved design does a better job of holding your dragster during the painting process. The dragster is suspended by the cartridge hole. After it is on the stand, the dragster can be rotated (by turning the mounting peg) to paint all sides. Special plastic material enables the wet paint to be wiped off the stand. Also makes a great display for finished dragsters!


Can be used on wood, plastic, and other surfaces. Dries to a smooth matte finish and can be brushed on or airbrushed. Cleans up with soap and water. Six-ounce bottle. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

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Great for the contours of a dragster! A fine- to medium-grade sanding sponge that produces superior results. Can be reused.


This Sanding Stick makes sanding curves and angles on dragsters a smooth task. Sanding surface is 5" long and tapers from 1" to 1/2". The sandpaper wraps around the stick, reducing the need to turn it. Make sandpaper sheets to fit using the included templates.


Add a touch of class to your dragster with these broad-tipped metallic pens!

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