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Template Transfer and Axle Holes

Ready to transform that block of wood into a sleek road rocket? It’s time to get busy.

Transferring Design to Body Blank

Tip: Template Alternative: Use adhesive spray to attach blank-shaped templates to the top and a side of the blank. Drill and cut the blank with paper templates attached.

  1. Cut out the top and side (profile) views from a copy of your working drawing.
  2. Carefully trace the outline of the views onto the wood blank.

Drilling Axle Holes

Tip: Drill First: Axle holes in the body blank should be drilled before doing any shape cutting. Otherwise, it’s difficult to drill straight.

  1. Transfer the axle hole locations onto the blank by using a sharp, pointed tool such as an awl to puncture through the template and into the wood blank.
  2. Lay the car blank on its side and drill the axle holes. Axle holes should be drilled perpendicular to the car’s longitudinal axis in order for the car to roll freely and straight down the track. A drill press is highly recommended because it makes drilling perpendicular holes a cinch.