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Paint, Wheels, and Hardware

Tip: Custom Graphics: Pitsco offers an extensive selection of decals and pinstripes specially designed for CO2 race cars.

As in the fine-shaping stage, extra patience and effort put into the finishing stage can pay big dividends. Be aware that using several coats of paint can add weight to your car.

  1. Insert a two-foot length of 5/8" hardwood dowel into the power plant housing of the car body. This makes a very convenient handle for turning the body to paint it from all angles. Pitsco also makes a dragster paint stand for this purpose.
  2. Use a spray can or airbrush to apply paint to the body. Spray light coats and wait several minutes between coats to allow the paint to dry.

Final Assembly: Mounting Wheels and Hardware

Tip: Screw Eyes: Don’t use screw eyes that are partially open. Doing so can cause your car to detach from the guideline and slow or even damage your car.

Don’t overlook the importance of this stage. A huge factor in race performance is how smoothly the car rolls down the track. Some meticulously shaped cars have failed to finish races because of improperly installed hardware!

  1. Gather your hardware: two axles, two straw bearings, four wheels, four washers, and two screw eyes. Depending on the configuration of the car body, different hardware might be required. Shell cars (with internal wheels) often require wheel spacers and clips to affix the axles to the car body.
  2. Check your spec sheet for rules about wheels, axles, washers, and spacers.
  3. Carefully mount the wheels and axles as dictated by your design. Be careful not to damage the fragile car body during installation. Pitsco’s Wheel Deal is recommended for avoiding car damage while installing wheels and axles.
  4. Roll-test the car on a smooth, horizontal surface. The car should roll freely, and the wheels should spin without restriction. Make adjustments if necessary.
  5. Install the screw eyes on the underside of the car body. Important: Plan the location of the screw eyes so the guideline does not rub against the car body or wheels.

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