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Minimizing Dragster Weight

In almost all forms of racing, lighter means faster. To minimize weight without going under the minimum weight spec. If you haven’t yet assembled your car, weigh the car body with the wheels, axles, and screw eyes.

If you’ve assembled your car and need to lighten it, consider removing material from the underside of the car body. What if you’ve gone too far and have gone under the minimum weight? In some cases, it’s possible to add weight back to your car by adding extra coats of paint or using heavier wheels and axles.

Light But Strong

Another important consideration is car strength and durability. A champion CO2 car must survive several races. Each race, the car will be subjected to considerable forces – 0 to 40 mph to 0 in 1 second. Blasting down the track and smacking into the barrier at the end can easily break a car – rendering it unable to continue. As you remove body material, make sure you’re not weakening your car body to the point that it will not withstand the rigors of repeated races.