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Racing CO2 Dragsters

The Best Racing Venue: Your School

There are many things to consider when choosing a CO2 racing setup. Mechanical or electronic start? A simple winning lane indicator or digital lane timers? Floor racing or an elevated track? Which system best fits my budget? Can I upgrade my current system? Luckily, Pitsco has many options.

EZ Start Raceway

A great entry-level system, the EZ Start won't bust your budget. It features a reliable mechanical launch and a winning lane indicator.

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Dual Lane Race Timer

This finish gate is a great way to upgrade a race system that doesn't have digital timing capability. This would be a great second-year add-on to the EZ Start Raceway.

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Impulse G3 Race System

The Impulse G3 is the best system available for launching and timing CO2 dragsters. It's the only system that allows front-end starting alignment.

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Fastrak Elevated Raceway

While there's nothing wrong with racing on a smooth, spacious floor surface, the FasTrak is a huge upgrade. Elevated racing is much easier and better for spectators.

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Race System Comparison

Feature EZ Start Gate EZ Finish Gate EZ Start Raceway Dual Lane Race Timer Impulse G3 Race System
Mechanical Launch yes N/A yes N/A no
Electronic Launch no N/A no N/A yes
Winning Lane Indicator no yes yes yes yes
Digital Lane Timers no no no yes yes
Front-End Starting Alignment no N/A no N/A yes
Floor Compatible yes yes yes yes yes
FasTrak Compatible yes yes yes yes yes

Got Cartridges?

You'll need plenty of 8-gram CO2 cartridges, and we've got you covered!

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The best cartridges available for launching dragsters. Consistent quality ensures the fairest races. Also, each of these cartridges features a safety seal that guards against rupture when exposed to excessive heat. You might locate a cheaper cartridge, but when it comes to consistency, quality, and safety, our cartridges are the best choice.

Pitsco CO2 Cartridges vs Others

No comparison, period!

Pitsco is the exclusive educational distributor of the safest, most reliable, and most consistent 4-gram and 8-gram CO2 cartridges. Safety is built into each cartridge by the patented safety seal. This seal automatically releases excess pressure if the internal pressure rises due to the cartridge being heated or pressurized.

You could purchase inferior, less costly CO2 cartridges, but not from Pitsco. We are very concerned about the safety of students and teachers alike and provide only the safest CO2 cartridges on the market. If it doesn’t say “Pitsco” on the box, then you’re not using the safest cartridges available.

Options Available
From $6.50

Get the green light with the Impulse G3 Race System. Redesigned to be more economical, it still delivers excellent performance, stability, and durability to CO2 dragster and other racing activities. Here’s what it brings to the track:

  • State-of-the-art electronics
  • Easy transition from floor to track
  • Durable construction
  • Christmas tree lights to signal the launch – these lights have been reprogrammed with a random sequence to maintain a level playing field for students both experienced and new to model racing.

Surface-mounted electronics – built with 100 percent automated assembly – bring higher quality and consistent performance to the table. The start and finish gates can take a beating with their high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction. Plus, moving them from the track to the included floor racing setup is as easy as pulling out eight pins. And our launch pods are not just well-adjusted – their vertical range fits almost any CO2 car – but also have more mass for extra stability.

The Impulse G3 offers versatility with two race modes:

Auto Launch Mode – Launch the cars simultaneously with the press of a single button. Pressing the button activates the Christmas tree lights on the start gate and then launches the cars. As the cars cross the finish line, flashing lights indicate the winner. The start gate displays both race times.

Manual Launch Mode – Students can launch their cars independently by using two remote thumb triggers. The Christmas tree lights direct students as they fire their cars off the line. Again, the winner is indicated with flashing lights as the race times are displayed. In this mode, the start gate also displays both racers’ reaction times! Both reaction and race times are accurately displayed to the nearest 0.001 second.

Requires a screwdriver for assembly; floor racing requires duct tape – neither are included. Elevated track sold separately.


This multipurpose race timer proves ideal for classrooms that have launchers with no built-in timer, such as the Pitsco AP Dragster Launcher, AP Bottle Racer Launcher, and EZ Start Gate. The timer has a two-lane finish gate with digital timers that are kicked into action with a handheld trigger. When the car crosses the finish line, the time is stopped and the winner is indicated.

The timer goes up to 9.999 seconds and will display “DNF” for “did not finish” if a car cannot cross the finish line in fewer than 10 seconds. Can be used on the Pitsco FasTrak or a floor track. Requires standard 120 V wall outlet or 9 V battery, included. Some assembly required.


Pitsco’s elevated racetrack has been redesigned to provide an even better alternative to racing metric dragsters on the floor. The FasTrak simplifies the process of conducting races and improves viewing for spectators. Our racetrack is strong and durable. Check out these new features:

  • Overlapping rail system with track keys that secure tightly with thumbscrews ensures flush joints between each track section for a level and smooth track.
  • Redesigned track supports ensure even height and level sit.
  • Laminated MDF surface is strong and durable.

It also features custom-extruded aluminum rails for excellent strength, a built-in conduit along the length of the track that keeps cables off the floor, and eight-foot track panels for easy handling and storage.

The track simulates to scale a quarter-mile racetrack. Because metric dragsters are about 1/20 the size of real dragsters, the track’s racing distance, from the start to the finish line, is 20 meters – 1/20 of a quarter mile. This simplifies mathematical comparisons to real race cars.

A staging area behind the start gate is big enough to position four to five cars in each lane. Adequate deceleration distance is provided at the end of the track for cars crossing the finish line.

The start/finish gate hardware is sold separately. Compatible with Impulse G3 and GII Race Systems, Pulse Plus, EZ Start Raceway, Pitsco’s F1 in Schools Race System, and Dual Lane Race Timer.


Get the green light to race CO2 dragsters – even with a budget on the brakes. The EZ Start Raceway is designed to make dragster activities easy and affordable.

Lining up cars and launching them with the EZ Start Gate is a simple operation, and the EZ Finish Gate indicates the winner with a blinking light.

The system works on a floor track or the FasTrak Elevated Racetrack, sold separately. It is made of durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to last for years.


Sensing the first car to finish and signaling the winner with a light, the EZ Finish Gate will clear any question about who finished first.

Like the EZ Start Gate, this finish gate is made of durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and works on a floor track or the FasTrak. Requires the EZ Start Gate, sold separately. Note: The EZ Finish Gate can also work with the AP Dragster Launcher, sold separately.


Race CO2 dragsters – even with a budget on the brakes.

Start with the EZ Start Gate – a manual start gate designed to make dragster activities easy and affordable. Lining up cars and launching them is a simple operation, and students spot the winners at the finish line. When you can budget for more equipment, add the EZ Finish Gate to quickly and accurately indicate the winner. Or get both – the entire EZ Start Raceway – at the same time. It is made of durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to last for years.

The EZ Start Gate works on a floor track, the FasTrak Elevated Racetrack, or the EZ Track Raceway sold separately.


Searching for an introduction to racing that delivers the same excitement in the classroom as CO2 dragsters? The AP dragster activity provides a fun and safe racing experience for a fraction of the price.

This racing system is small enough that you can run a race in the classroom or hallway and then easily store the unit. To use the AP Dragster Launcher, just attach an air pump, slide two air-powered vehicles onto the launch tubes, pump to build air pressure, and press the button to simultaneously launch two cars down a 35- to 40-foot track! The launcher comes with a string anchor, which includes a spring-tension feature to maintain even string tension.

Using the AP Dragster Designer Kit, students can create a vehicle based on aerodynamics and other racing principles. Or, use the AP Mini Dragster Kit to demonstrate potential vs kinetic energy, force, motion, and other concepts.

The launcher features a built-in pressure relief system to keep air pressure to fewer than 40 psi. With HDPE construction and a built-in air gauge, the launcher is sturdy, and its dual-pressure tanks provide consistently even launches. No assembly required.