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Dual Lane Race Timer

A Pitsco Exclusive
Type: Equipment/Racing and Timing

This multipurpose race timer proves ideal for classrooms that have launchers with no built-in timer, such as the Pitsco AP Dragster Launcher, AP Bottle Racer Launcher, and EZ Start Gate. The timer has a two-lane finish gate with digital timers that are kicked into action with a handheld trigger. When the car crosses the finish line, the time is stopped and the winner is indicated.

The timer goes up to 9.999 seconds and will display “DNF” for “did not finish” if a car cannot cross the finish line in fewer than 10 seconds. Can be used on the Pitsco FasTrak or a floor track. Requires standard 120 V wall outlet or 9 V battery, included. Some assembly required.

  • Timer gate with attached detectors and emitter
  • 2 gate legs and screws
  • 3 extension cables (25')
  • Trigger switch
  • 2 launch adapters
  • Power adapter (9 V)
  • Battery (9 V)
  • 4 FasTrack supports with screws
  • Hex key (0.050")
  • Tools Required: Phillips screwdriver

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