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The best cartridges available for launching dragsters. Consistent quality ensures the fairest races. Also, each of these cartridges features a safety seal that guards against rupture when exposed to excessive heat. You might locate a cheaper cartridge, but when it comes to consistency, quality, and safety, our cartridges are the best choice.

Pitsco CO2 Cartridges vs Others

No comparison, period!

Pitsco is the exclusive educational distributor of the safest, most reliable, and most consistent 4-gram and 8-gram CO2 cartridges. Safety is built into each cartridge by the patented safety seal. This seal automatically releases excess pressure if the internal pressure rises due to the cartridge being heated or pressurized.

You could purchase inferior, less costly CO2 cartridges, but not from Pitsco. We are very concerned about the safety of students and teachers alike and provide only the safest CO2 cartridges on the market. If it doesn’t say “Pitsco” on the box, then you’re not using the safest cartridges available.

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From $6.50

These fold-up boxes are the same as those that come with the Pitsco Metric Dragster Kits.

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From $0.85

Award these classy, yet inexpensive trophies to the winners of your dragster competition. Trophies have a marble base, a plastic gold-plated race car ornament, and an engraving plate.

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From $10.75

These beautiful medals are a Pitsco exclusive. Each medallion is approximately 1-9/16" in diameter. High-quality medallion is mounted on a red, white, and blue pin-on ribbon.

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From $9.99

A great award for excellence in technology classes or competitions. Antique gold finish with neck ribbon. The medallion is 2-3/4" in diameter and includes a plastic storage case.


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