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Learning STEM with Dragsters

Do you CO2? If not, you’re missing an exciting and challenging activity loaded with learning potential. Cruise the subject links below to discover some of the concepts explored by designing, building, and racing a CO2 dragster.

For more structured guidance, the Science of Speed 2 curriculum offers two STEM units that provide lesson plans and materials.

Use CO2 excitement to interest students in friction, thrust, and other concepts.
From CAD to 3-D printing, it’s clear that CO2 racing is a technology-rich activity.
A fast car is not an accident – engineering concepts are key to fast dragsters.
From specifications to calculating speed, CO2 racing depends on math skills.

So what is CO2 racing, exactly?

Described as Pinewood Derby® on steroids, CO2 racing features wooden cars racing in pairs down a track . . . CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY.