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Super C Wheels

A Pitsco Exclusive
Type: Materials and Supplies/Wheels Ages: 12+

These wheels from Pitsco are sure to enhance any dragster design. The modern five-spoke, star-styled, chrome hubs provides the look your students want for their top-performing dragsters.

Along with the hub design, the Super C Wheels use an exclusive snap-on rubber ring, manufactured for your CO2 dragsters! Use these wheels for the front of your dragster, along with the Nitro Chrome rear wheels, and you will have one sweet dragster!

Tires and hubs are shipped unassembled.

Product ID: W27142
Availability: In Stock
$32.95 (USD)
  • Quantity: pkg of 100
  • Mass: 2.5 g
  • Overall Diameter: 36.5 mm
  • Overall Width: 11.8 mm
  • Tire Width: 3.25 mm
  • Mass: 2.6 g

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