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Pinewood derby to CO2 dragsters a natural step

Two education specialists discuss how Pinewood Derby participation sets students up for success in CO2 dragster competitions.

Dragster Blanks 101

Balsa or basswood: Which should you use?

Pitsco Technical Support Steve Snider explains the different uses for balsa and basswood CO2 blanks as well as some other CO2 dragster tips.

TSA 2010: Dimple Derby

The hot new trend for CO 2 racer design in 2010? Dimples . Not the dimples adorning the cheeks of smiling spectators, mind you – we’re talking about race car dimples! Imagine dozens of tiny, golf ball-like depressions meticulously sculpted on the . . .

Friendship, Teamwork, and Mentors Are Important Ingredients for Dragster Success

You might think of designing, building, and racing CO 2 cars as a solo activity. After all, an individual student must take his or her own concept from design to reality, and then put their creation on the track to face the competition. The . . .

Why Design, Build, and Race CO2 Dragsters?

When English mountaineer George Leigh Mallory was asked about his motivation for climbing Mount Everest, his famous reply was “Because it’s there.” Often, questions arise regarding why people do what they do. For example, some have questioned why . . .