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Florida student makes history with 4th Dragster Design gold

Florida student Merritt Kendzior wins her fourth gold in the Technology Student Association's Dragster Design competition. Now, she heads to Georgia Tech.

'Stars and Stripes' brings in middle school gold

Patriotic CO2 dragster takes gold for Hunter Raley, Bradenton, Florida middle school student in the Middle School Dragster Design competition.

Meet the Golden Girls of TSA’s Dragster Design Competition

Meet the 2016 national winners of the TSA Dragster Design contest – both ladies leading the pack!

'Ladies, start your engines'

All-girls school discovers the physics and fun of CO2 dragsters

ROCKY RIVER, OH – Sure, CO 2 dragsters are cool. They’re fast, and they can help students understand the relationship among concepts such as mass, drag, and velocity. But here’s the real test: Can the sleek dragsters catch the attention of . . .

CO2 Racing Brothers Collaborate and Compete

When it comes to siblings in competition, there’s Peyton and Eli. There’s the Harbaugh brothers, who coached against each other in Super Bowl XLVII. Don’t forget Serena and Venus. Now, you can add another pair to the list: David and Michael Woodruff.

Florida sophomore takes 2nd Dragster Design gold

Meet Merritt Kendzior, the 2nd time national winner of the TSA Dragster Design high school competition.

2009 TSA winner (now GM engineer): “It’s about the journey”

Six years ago, Ahmad Hares was a high school senior hoping his dragster, Biocrypt II , would achieve what his 2008 car did not: first place in Technology Student Association’s (TSA) Dragster Design. Of course, TSA followers know that Biocrypt . . .

The Science (and Art) of Biocrypt II

Though it has been several years since Ahmad Hares took first place for TSA’s Dragster Design competition in Denver, Colorado, his former teacher Richard Platt remembers Ahmad’s dedication to his project and some of the key things he learned and . . .

Advice to Competitors

2009 Dragster Design winner Ahmad Hares has a favorite quote from legendary innovator Steve Jobs: “The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.” “So I would encourage all the members of TSA to . . .

High school champ builds her racing résumé

Florida student focuses on dragster’s wheels, says shape might be overrated

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Merritt Kendzior wants to be an engineer someday. Having just recently completed her freshman year at Southeast High School in Bradenton, FL, she has several years of education to complete before she can reach her goal. Or . . .

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