Tuning in Scales

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Laden with smart features, the CJ300 Digital Scale combines precision weighing with compact, quality construction. The orange backlight and large LED display make it easy to read.

With the CJ300, you can weigh up to 300 grams in three different units: grams (0.1 g), pounds and ounces (0.01 oz), and pennyweight (0.1 dwt). Includes tare and zero functions as well as a handy counting feature. Comes with a clear scale cover that doubles as a bowl to use on the scale.

Operates on three AAA batteries (included).


Versatile and small, this pocket scale is extra-sensitive just like bigger and more expensive scales. Ideal for the lab or science classroom needing to weigh items for experiments and tests. Measures weights up to 500 grams (18 ounces) in 0.1 gram (0.005 ounce) increments and has counting, tare, and display hold features. Automatic shut-off ensures long battery life. Uses an included 9 V battery.


Designed for use in the lab, classroom, or office, this electronic balance is the perfect weight measurement tool for your dragsters or weight-related competitions. It is easy to operate and features a two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display, multiple weighing units, and four application modes. This balance measures to the nearest 0.1 gram, with a capacity up to 400 grams.

Its slightly raised stainless steel platform means the large display can be viewed from any angle. With a sealed front panel and a molded spill ring, the balance is easy to keep clean. Change weight units with the touch of a button or use the weigh-below hook for specific gravity determination. Runs on four AA batteries, sold separately, or with the included AC power pack.


Let this professional-grade laboratory scale take on your weighty work.

With a 125-gram capacity and a resolution of 0.01 grams, the scale also has a removable stainless steel platform for easy cleanup. Includes tare and hold features. Measures in grams, ounces, grains, carats, pennyweights, or troy ounces. Runs on four AA batteries (included).