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The Pitsco Wheel Deal is the ideal tool for CO2-dragster wheel assembly. The Wheel Deal is a handy tool designed with two comfortable presses – one for hub insertion into a wheel, the other for final assembly of the wheels, washers, and axles onto the dragster. We’ve even included axle-height locators as an added feature. No more stubborn hubs, broken wheels, or difficult axles!

The Wheel Deal is a unique four-in-one tool that simplifies the following tasks of dragster building:

  • Marking axle height accurately
  • Assembling wheels and hubs
  • Inserting axles into wheels
  • Mounting wheels on car (reducing car damage)


This improved design does a better job of holding your dragster during the painting process. The dragster is suspended by the cartridge hole. After it is on the stand, the dragster can be rotated (by turning the mounting peg) to paint all sides. Special plastic material enables the wet paint to be wiped off the stand. Also makes a great display for finished dragsters!