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Ultimate Axle Bushings

A Pitsco Exclusive
Type: Materials and Supplies/Hardware Ages: 12+

Looking for a way to increase the speed and performance of your dragster? Try Pitsco’s Ultimate Axle Bushings – the ultimate in friction reduction.

These bushings fit snugly into the drilled axle hole, providing a slick, flat outer surface that will rub against the wheel hubs – similar to the function of washers but even better.

The interior of the axle bushing has been engineered to provide only a small amount of surface area that is in direct contact with the axle. In fact, these bearings provide a 94% reduction in the average surface bearing area – the area where friction is produced.

Ultimate Axle Bushings – another innovation from your friends at Pitsco! Flange diameter is 0.313". Fits snugly in a 0.25" hole.

Product ID: W58946
Availability: In Stock
$3.95 (USD)
  • Quantity: pkg of 20
  • Diameter: flange diameter .313"

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