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Build an air-powered bottle rocket car to race in no time! This basic kit makes it easy for your students to make a launchable rocket car with ease – no tools required.

Comes with corrugated chassis material, wheels, bushings, axles, string guide tube, bottle, and self-adhesive tabs – everything you need for one car. Launching requires the AP Bottle Racer Launcher and a tire pump, sold separately.


A rite of spring for more than 50 years, pine car races are cherished by Scouts and other organizations as a fun learning experience with gravity-powered vehicles. These body blanks provide the basis of the experience, but in a range of shapes to get things rolling. From sporty to powerful, there is a shape to please. All kits include instructions, wheels, axles, and a pine blank with cut axle grooves. Note: Blanks may also be purchased individually. See Pine Pro Dragster Blanks below.

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