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Materials and Supplies in Drafting

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Our grid paper is offered in two sizes and three grid patterns. Choose the one that's right for your activity.

The 51850 1/8" grid paper has a 1/8" grid printed on one side of a 10-1/2" x 16" sheet. It is useful for sketches needing a little more detail – plus, it is the recommended size for bridge-building activities. Sold in packages of 100 sheets.

The 55509 1/4" grid paper is a double-sided, 11" x 17" sheet that displays quarter-inch squares on one side and one-millimeter squares on the other side. A metric ruler is printed along the bottom for quick-and-easy measurements. This paper is suitable for the all-important final drawing created during the Science of Speed dragster design process. Sold in packages of 100 sheets.

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Made from 100% cotton fibers, this superior 17 lb vellum is manufactured especially for drawing but can also be used in ink-jet printers and plotters. With its uniform tooth, lines lay down smoothly and effortlessly and revisions are sharp and ghost free. Meets Federal Specification A-A-294 (UU-P-561H) for Type IV.

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Drawing sheets used for designing your car that show views from front, top, back, and side.


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