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Materials and Supplies in Designing

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Drawing sheets used for designing your car that show views from front, top, back, and side.


Manufactured to suit the exacting requirements of the auto industry and product designers. Can be carved or extruded and slicked to an extremely accurate, glass-like finish. The clay will hold fine detail, can be shellacked and painted, and is reusable. Two-pound package.


A dense, yet lightweight, expanded polystyrene foam makes this material much sturdier than white Styrofoam. It’s great for wings, prototypes, vehicle bodies, intricate shapes, and many other applications. Available in 1" and 2" thicknesses. Sheets are sized 11.5" x 23.5". When the foam sheets are purchased in a package of 10, a sheet of template material is also included. Colors might vary.

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Save time and money by having students carve mock-ups of their dragsters from Styrofoam before actually carving the wood model. Same size as our large body blanks.


Save some money by cutting your own Styrofoam body blanks. Styrofoam body blanks are great for students carving mock-ups of their dragsters before using balsa wood or basswood.


Our grid paper is offered in two sizes and three grid patterns. Choose the one that's right for your activity.

The 51850 1/8" grid paper has a 1/8" grid printed on one side of a 10-1/2" x 16" sheet. It is useful for sketches needing a little more detail – plus, it is the recommended size for bridge-building activities. Sold in packages of 100 sheets.

The 55509 1/4" grid paper is a double-sided, 11" x 17" sheet that displays quarter-inch squares on one side and one-centimeter squares on the other side. A metric ruler is printed along the bottom for quick-and-easy measurements. This paper is suitable for the all-important final drawing created during the Science of Speed dragster design process. Sold in packages of 100 sheets.

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Made from 100% cotton fibers, this superior 17 lb vellum is manufactured especially for drawing but can also be used in ink-jet printers and plotters. With its uniform tooth, lines lay down smoothly and effortlessly and revisions are sharp and ghost free. Meets Federal Specification A-A-294 (UU-P-561H) for Type IV.

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Use this Nichrome wire as replacement for foam cutters. Available in 18, 24, or 32 gauge.

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