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Prototyping CO2 Dragsters

“It’s really hands on; basically, you decide how everything is going to be.”

– Ellyn Green, Littleton, CO


Save time and money by having students carve mock-ups of their dragsters from Styrofoam before actually carving the wood model. Same size as our large body blanks.


Save some money by cutting your own Styrofoam body blanks. Styrofoam body blanks are great for students carving mock-ups of their dragsters before using balsa wood or basswood.


A dense, yet lightweight, expanded polystyrene foam makes this material much sturdier than white Styrofoam. It’s great for wings, prototypes, vehicle bodies, intricate shapes, and many other applications. Available in 1" and 2" thicknesses. Sheets are sized 11.5" x 23.5". When the foam sheets are purchased in a package of 10, a sheet of template material is also included. Colors might vary.

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A great tool to have for making various models and props. Includes two blades. Larger blade is 4-1/4" long, and the smaller blade is 1" long. Use to cut foam, wood, and some metals.


With clay car prototyping, custom cruiser and dragster shapes can be accurately modeled before the construction process. Watch as Dr. Zoon gets his hands into the clay modeling process.

Note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series on custom cruisers.


Manufactured to suit the exacting requirements of the auto industry and product designers. Can be carved or extruded and slicked to an extremely accurate, glass-like finish. The clay will hold fine detail, can be shellacked and painted, and is reusable. Two-pound package.


This super-handy tool is great for making prototypes and shaping items from polystyrene foam. The hot cutting wire quickly melts through the foam material for a clean, perfect cut. There is no dust or residue left behind. You’ll find it incredibly easy to cut intricate shapes from the soft, white foam provided in Pitsco Dragster Kits, as well as denser expanded polystyrenes.

When in the vertical position, the cutting wire makes perfect square cuts. The cutting wire can also be tilted to achieve a wide range of angled cuts. Wire temperature can be adjusted for optimum cutting performance when using various types of foams.

The Free Hand Foam Cutter’s base is made of durable, laminated phenolic material. Package includes cutter, control box, power supply, and 100 feet of extra cutting wire.


This small foam cutter is ideal for creating shapes. Simple to use and economical, the Aero Viz Foam Cutter’s hot cutting wire easily makes precise cuts in 1" polystyrene foam. Students can create any shape they can imagine for testing in wind tunnels or for other projects. Just 5.5" L x 5.5" W x 4.5" H, the foam cutter fits on student desks or other small work surfaces. Comes with 32-gauge Nichrome wire and four foam blocks. Requires a standard wall outlet for power. Replacement Nichrome wire sold separately.